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An all-in-one tool for freelancers, contractors, consultants, and micro businesses to monitor financial health, time-track projects, store files, and send invoices.

Used by over 4900+ businesses.

The thin layer

Bridging the gap between your bank and your accountants software.

Dashboard - Overview

Everything you need

From automated receipt-to-transaction mapping to conversing with your financials and consolidating all your files


Financial overview

Bring your own bank. We connect to over 20 000+ banks in 33 countries across US, Canada, UK and Europe. Keep tabs on your expenses and income, and gain a clearer picture of your business's financial track record and current situation.

Share financial reports

Time track your projects

Effortlessly boost productivity and collaboration with our advanced
time tracking solution: gain insightful project overviews and foster seamless collaboration amongst your team for optimal efficiency and success.

Live time tracking
Share with your clients
Coming soon


We’re working hard to give you the best invoice solution. It will feature web based invoices, live collaboration and project sync.


Magic inbox

Automatic matching of incoming invoices or receipts to the right transaction.

  • Use your personalized email address for your invoices and receipts.
  • The invoice arrives in the inbox, with our AI solution the invoice automatically matches with the right transaction.
  • Your transaction now have the right basis/attachments for you to export.


Store your files securely in Midday.

There’s no need to scramble for things across different drives. Keep all of your files, such as contracts and agreements safe in one place.

Seamless export

Take the hassle out of preparing exports for your accountant. Just select any time period or transaction you want and hit export. We package everything up neatly in a CSV file (accountants loves these) clearly pointing to the right attachment.

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Ask Midday anything and get tailored insights into your financial situation. Understand your biggest outgoings and incomings to get a better grasp on your financials to help you cut costs, find opportunities and build a longer runway.


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Put the boring parts of running a business on autopilot. Midday helps you to streamline your month-end procedures, reduce manual work and easily package everything up for your accountant.

Open startup

We believe in being as transparent as possible, from code to metrics. You can also request a feature and vote on which ones we should prioritize.

All of our code is fully open source, clone, fork and contribute to Midday.

What people say

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    Lucas Grey
    This is so ingenious and good!
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    Patrick Tobler
    I love this
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    Ben Tossell
    well, an actually enjoyable way to organise my whole in and out of my business, plus highlighted a bunch of things I need to cancel
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    Christian Alares
    Omg, this is so cool!
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    Zeno Rocha
    this is absolutely amazing
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    Bailey Simrell
    Awesome man, looks amazing πŸ”₯
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    We love @middayai πŸ–€
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    Guillermo Rauch
    nice to see @middayai generative ui features built on @vercel AI sdk midday is becoming one of the best OSS @nextjs real-world apps
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    Kyle @ KyTech
    so ready! πŸ™Œ
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    Steven Tey
    Just found my new favorite open-source project β†’ It's a modern layer on top of Quickbooks/Xero that lets you automate the tedious accounting aspects of your business and focus on what matters – your product. Built by the 🐐s @pontusab + @viktorhofte πŸ‘
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    πŸ–€ Awesome work. just love it.
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    Peer Richelsen β€” oss/acc
    the best thing i couldve done as a founder is build something that helps other founders. so proud πŸ–€ @middayai
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An all-in-one tool for freelancers, contractors, consultants, and micro
businesses to manage their finances, track projects, store files, and send invoices.