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Running a business is tough, and one of the biggest challenges is disorganization. From scattered files to misplaced documents, this lack of structure hampers productivity and wastes time. Moreover, this disorganization often creates problems for your accountant, leading to delays and errors in financial reporting.

The current market for SMB financial tools is a mess.


Scattered workflow

Existing services often compound the problem by residing on various platforms, resulting in a fragmented workflow. From tracking time to managing finances and storing documents, entrepreneurs navigate multiple interfaces and systems. This scattered approach wastes time and money, increases the risk of errors, and disrupts productivity.

Old tech

Services are outdated and prioritize features tailored to accountants rather than offering a user-friendly interface for business owners. This approach often results in cumbersome navigation and a disconnect between the software and the needs of users.

Our solutionmidday.ai

One OS

We set out on a journey to develop an all-encompassing business operating system. Our overarching aim is to empower entrepreneurs by providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools that not only streamlines tedious tasks but also facilitates the acquisition of deeper insights into their businesses.


Midday serves as the bridge between you and your accountant, streamlining your month-end procedures, reducing manual work, and easily packaging everything up for financial review. By prioritizing user experience over building a accountant system, we ensure our platform remains user-friendly and entirely focused on what entrepreneurs need. This approach enables us to scale quickly and globally without the need to navigate domestic tax laws and change accountants current workflows.

We offer business insights and automates tedious tasks, freeing users to focus on what they love.

User friendly & AI

We're focusing on building the platform with our community to ensure it's as user-friendly as possible and covers all the features needed to assist as many business owners as possible. We've all witnessed the rise of AI, and we've already integrated various AI aspects into our platform. For instance, we've implemented features such as matching receipts to transactions, category automation, and engaging with your financials through Midday AI, allowing users to ask for any insights they may need.

Demo - Version 0.5 (Private beta)midday.ai


Where we aremidday.ai

Waitlist sign ups

We have built Midday in public on X and amassed nearly 4000 signups ready to start using Midday.


GitHub stars

Our goal is to build a great community around Midday.


Private beta users

This is how many we’ve let into the system to start using it, joined the community and started to form Midday together with us.



We are already handling a significant amount of transaction data.


What people say

Who we aremidday.ai

Pontus Abrahamsson


Fullstack developer. Been running his own studio for 10 years offering his service to big companies like Klarna, Viaplay and Expressen.


Viktor Hofte


Designer. Been running his own studio for 2 years offering his service to a range of early stage startups but also big companies like Juni and Estrid.

Prior to this he was Senior Design Lead at Klarna. He also worked at DDB Stockholm working with Clients such as HM and Volkswagen.


“The speed and velocity we have together is unmatched.”

How we will make moneymidday.ai




We will offer a free limited plan for customers to get to know the system.


TBD/ mo

This is the price new users will pay when we launch. The price is yet to be determined.



This plan will be offered to bigger companies with lots of seats. This will be licensed based and the price is yet to be determined.

Add ons

Team seats

Additional team members will be per seat pricing. The team will have the ability to invite how many users they want.

Vault storage

A limit will be set to the storage since this is also a moving cost for us. Everything above that limit will cost the users extra. Price is yet to be determined.

Custom domain

If the user want a custom inbox email, for example acme.inbox@midday.ai, we can provide this for an additional fee.

Our visionmidday.ai

Our mission is to be the #1 OS for businesses.

Whats coming nextmidday.ai

Midday AI

Midday AI

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Apps & integrations

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