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What people say

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    Lucas Grey
    This is so ingenious and good!
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    Patrick Tobler
    I love this
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    Ben Tossell
    well, an actually enjoyable way to organise my whole in and out of my business, plus highlighted a bunch of things I need to cancel
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    Christian Alares
    Omg, this is so cool!
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    Zeno Rocha
    this is absolutely amazing
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    Bailey Simrell
    Awesome man, looks amazing 🔥
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    We love @middayai 🖤
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    Kyle @ KyTech
    so ready! 🙌
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    Steven Tey
    Just found my new favorite open-source project → http://midday.ai It's a modern layer on top of Quickbooks/Xero that lets you automate the tedious accounting aspects of your business and focus on what matters – your product. Built by the 🐐s @pontusab + @viktorhofte 👏
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    🖤 Awesome work. just love it.
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    Peer Richelsen — oss/acc
    the best thing i couldve done as a founder is build something that helps other founders. so proud 🖤 @middayai
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