Introducing Midday Assistant

Introducing Midday Assistant

Our most requested feature is now ready for you to try! Introducing Midday Assistant. With help from the community, we have implemented many great features. Here are some highlights of what you can do using the assistant today:

  • Find the things you are looking for (transactions, invoices, documents, and more)
  • Watch your spending
  • View your profit, revenue, burn rate, and revenue graphs
  • Find transactions without receipts

These are just some examples. You can ask follow-up questions and dig deeper into your data.

This is just the beginning of Midday Assistant, and we will continue to invest and listen to your feedback so you have everything you need to run your business. Don't hesitate to give us feedback directly from the assistant or by scheduling a quick 15-minute call with us to share your thoughts!

If you are running Midday on Mac, you should update to v1.9 for the latest version.

To get started you can sign in here.

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