The Early Adopter Plan

The Early Adopter Plan

Being an Early Adopter

We are currently collaborating with our first group of beta users to refine our product and find the right fit for the market. If you're interested in shaping the future of Midday and becoming an early adopter, feel free to join our community. There's no obligation to contribute, and we're thrilled that you want to try out the system.

During our private beta phase, you may encounter some bugs, but we genuinely want all your feedback.

The Early Adopter Plan

  • This plan includes access to all features.
  • Priced at $30 per month but free while in beta.
  • Your subscription price will remain unchanged for life as a token of appreciation for supporting Midday in its early stage, regardless of the additional features we introduce.

Community-Driven Development

As we continue to enhance Midday, we highly value your input and ideas. Here are three ways you can share your thoughts with us:

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