Announcing Public Beta

Announcing Public Beta

For the past three months, we have been working hard in private beta with our customers. Today, we are excited to announce our public beta.

Both Viktor and I want to personally thank all of you who have given us feedback, attended meetings, and supported us during this time. We are super excited to continue our journey together to make Midday the best all-in-one tool for running our business smarter.

As we enter our public beta, new customers will have access to a special deal of $49/month, but it will be free during the beta period.

What's next

We aim to have Midday v1 ready in October, which is also when we will start charging for the service.

Until then, here are our focus areas:

  • Invoicing - Deliver the first version of our invoicing service
  • Budget - Add support for budgeting
  • Apps & Integrations - Integrate with Xero, Fortnox, and QuickBooks
  • Bug Fixes & Improvements - General improvements to the platform


Along with this milestone, we are launching on Product Hunt on Wednesday, June 26 (12:00 am PST). We would love to have your support by voting for us. You can subscribe for a notification here.

Get started

Now that Middays is in public beta, feel free to try us out by signing in here.

Stress free by midday.

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